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Book Blitz!

Book Blitz!



My Blog

You mostly all know I have a separate blog 




I cannot put everything in two places. I do a lot of work and am now getting about a thousand views a day so it is a lot of work. I hope besides the blitzes that you do stop by. There is  a lot of good things on there. I do all genres and book news, interviews, humor, quizzes, you name it I do it. I mention the book blitzes everyday because it is a way to get to know new authors plus there is usually a giveaway which we all like. It is great when me, the host, does the giveaway. I know all the people who won my giveaways now because I have a fan base. So if you enter it is usually the same people that enter until recently but you have a great shot at winning. Tonights is a blitz wide (not me) giveaway but there is a lot of stuff. So stop by to check out tonight;s book blitz. 



Book Blitz!

Come see the big blitz for "An Aria In Venice" by KaSonndra Leigh



Book Blitz!

Book Blitz -not for the kiddies! http://mismatchedbookends.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-blitz_19.html

Book Blitz for "Big Fat Disaster"


Book Blitz!



One more to cap off the night!



Another Book Blitz!!!

You will like this one. NOT for the kiddies. Also two giveaways!



COVER REVEAL! Not your usual

Check out this AWESOME cover reveal. I saw the first one and this is great. I don't get excited about book covers but this is a good one. I am also reading this book so make sure you pick it up!



Check out this Book Blitz from Sedona Venez with TWO giveaways!


And A Cover Reveal to boot!


You Know IT! Every Night....BOOK BLITZ!


Need help.

So you all know I just finished "The Rosie Project". That was my fun book. I am reading a few other books but I need that book that I want to read everyday. I have two tour books I am reading.


I have a deal. I will do a favor for the first person to send me either a letter of the alphabet so I can go through my books and pick one like that, or recommend a great book to me and I will do something nice for you. Maybe get you a book. I really have a problem choosing books so let the games begin!


Thank you to everyone who has been commenting on and liking my posts. I want to spend more time here but not only is my blog going crazy (http://Mismatchedbookends.Blogspot.com....getting almost 800 views per day) but I am starting a book tour company. I already have a client. So please whoever prays, please pray for me. This is big. I wanted to do it but did not think it would happen. 


So I have a lot going on but you all mean a lot to me and I love reading your posts and it is my policy to comment but I have been lax. So please forgive me. I hope to make up for it when I am running a big company and have an assistent to do things and I can get to the personal stuff. I will always answer my own email. 


Okay so first letter of the alphabet or first book name to come in. I prefer not to spend money so probably a letter of the alphabet but if you are really hooked on a book you want me to read, or if you are reading one now and want to buddy read, I will do that too. 


Love and Light to you all!


"Hardcover Bound 2" You will laugh so hard!

Apparently there was a videomaking fun of Kayne Weest called "B*tches in Bookshops". Well now there is "Hardcover Bound 2" and it is SOOOO funny. I posted it on my blog which I will give you the link to but if you just want to see the video and listen carefully to the lyrics, I promise you will laugh! 


For video go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQYrLR1aauk


For my post from Buzzfeed go here 




I hope you love it as much as I did!



A Midnight Cover Reveal!