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Review of "A Day At The Office" or "The Bastard" by Jane Oldaker

This was a great short story.


It is about a woman who goes to her job that she hates. Well maybe not so much her job but her boss. Her boss who barges in without knocking when she is busy, who takes the last bit of coffee without making new coffee, who makes silly little changes to her hard work, and lets not forget the horrible bow-tie he wears everyday.


She dreams of being home with her husband, driving in their sports car on a beautiful day.


She is trying to calm down but just about when her work is done, the bastard comes in with changes to work she had done that morning. He assured her it was not her hard work but policy changes.


She was furious. It made her have to stay late....again.


She finally makes it out of the office and then gets the biggest surprise of all! And so do we.


Jane is the reason I am such a lover of short stories.


Review of "The Rosie Project" by Graeme Simsion

I am not into romance novels or romantic comedy novels but this book sure changed all of that.


I decided to read it because it was on all of the "must read" book lists back in January and I got to do a buddy read with this book also. I normally go by what I like and not what the lists say but this did have an appeal.


For those of you who don't know., this story is about Don Tilman. Not your average guy. He is a professor of genetics and has not owned up to it, only owning up to being different than others and more regimented, but he has a form of Asperges Syndrome. He has always suspected but later comes to an understanding.


Don has never really been on a second date or thought of himself as mate material until a friend said otherwise. Meeting a woman is something his awkward social graces have prevented him from doing and, if doing, then keeping said woman. Thus, with help from his friend Gene and Gene's wife, "The Wife Poject" is born .


It starts out with Don making a very detailed questionnaire which would eliminate woman who he is not compatible with ie who smoke, are not generally on time, are logical, that don't drink, etc. So you see the problem. He wants is all his way and will not bend. Imagine his surprise when he got a lot of these questionnaires back and most went in the garbage.


As Don goes through the questionnaire's his friend Gene helped to hand out, there is one that, Don unknowingly was set up on a date with according to the misinformation that Gene gave her (Rosie) about the "Wife Project" questionnaire.


Rosie is everything Don does not want. She is a barmaid. She smokes and drinks and is very late and very unregimented. But she has her charms and Don cannot deny that. She is beautiful and outgoing and so, so charming. The opposite of Don. They have a fun but sort of disastrous first date ("The Jacket Incident" as Don calls it) and Don cannot stop thinking about Rosie after that.


What happens though is Rosie, when she finds out Don works in the genetics department at the university Rosie is also at, she and Don start "The Father Project" ("The Wife Project" takes the back burner) which is about Rosie finding her legitimate birth father. Her mother was known to get around back in her college days so there are many possibilities as to who Rosie's father may be.


It is through all of the adventures that "The Father Project" take Don and Rosie on that Don starts to loosen up and to realize what a catch Rosie is and he also learns to be more social and less regimented. In fact, you will find out how Rosie's questionnaire, considering the fact that she was not compatible, ended up with Don in the first place.


This was better than any romantic movie I have ever seen and sweeter than my coffee with cream and tons of sugar. But it does not push the romance in your face which makes it good for anyone to read. I will not give away spoilers but it really is great to see Rosie take to Don and Don take to Rosie and to be with them as they have their adventures and their ups and downs.


I am not going to tell you if the end made me cry. Okay it did. There. That never happens. I am not a crier. And I am not going to tell you why because THAT would be a spoiler.


If you love romantic books, you should love this. If you love romantic comedies you will adore this! If you like a really good funny book, you will love this book also. It is labeled as chick lit but I would use that very loosely. I did not think it belongs in that category.


It says at the end of the book it is being optioned for a movie and I will be the first one there. This would make a perfect movie.


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Review of "It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels" By Gregor Xane

This was an awesome short story.


It was about a former actor named Ben. Big Ben with the pockmarked face and his very tall stature always got the part of the heavy in Hollywood. Now Ben now lives in a trailer park and has nothing going on. He feels he is boring and just like a good old neighbor living a cruddy life. He used to be someone.


One night he went for a ride on his motorcycle to find a little excitement and discovered a horrible accident. When he saw how bad the girl was hurt, he knew he had to get help. He asked if a deer had hit the truck and she said it was a Rhino. He thought she was in shock.


When he got to the phone booth something very weird happened. In the middle of the call a body part came flying into the now cracked open phone booth. Ben proceeds to run into the nearby bar to sees more mayhem. His eyes cannot believe what is happening.


And what happens next is unbelievable.


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