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Holiday Books

So I guess that time is here. I saw, and this is very early, but one house with a bunch of blowups on their lawn. It was cute. My house tends to be the house with everything up inside and out the day after Thanksgiving. We have everything out of the shed but need to take everything out of the attic. It is funny looking at pictures of our house when we had our first few Christmases. We have accumulated so much over 13 years.


Again people come by to see the outside and our friends know about the inside. There is something everywhere you look. It is a Christmas wonderland. Plus we get fall cleaning done lol!  A lot of times, my husband and I will see something on sale and, even though every nook and crany is full, we can always find a spot. We got some great Christmas items at a garage sale including a Christmas Miss Piggy, Fozzie, and Kermit from 1986 that McDonalds was giving away with the happy meal. I have them. When I saw them in the box at the garage sale, in PERFECT condition, for one dollar each (cheaper than a happy mean even back in the 80s I think!) I had found the best treasure ever. 


I cannot wait until the house is done to post pics. Or I may get the negatives from last year on a disc to show. Either way you will see our house.


Oh and the best part is my husband and I LOVE the cold and the winter. So he takes his vacation from the day after Thanksgiving until 1/2. It is so great we do well not to much because I have been ill. But this year may be different. But just having him home is a comfort. We can just sit and do nothing together. And drink coffee.


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So I got to thinking about the holidays If at all possible, looking past  my commitments to read like I am beta reading for three authors and I have two R4R due, I would love to get into the spirit and read all Christmas themed books for December. It is great because I already won three in a contest. So I have some to start with.


I can take a break from the post apocolyptic world, the horror, and the 1980s. lol! Hopefully I will be done with my books I am currently reading by then. 


I am excited about this idea. I may put up a list of books and you can pick which one I read first. 


I also have an A-Z list up. It is not complete. If you read my blog, you will see that my first list is books I picked and there will be recommendations from friends and authors and authors who are my friends lol! That runs 10/29/13-10/29/14 due to the A book. But my other runs 1/1/13-1/1/14 and is all friends/readers picks. I would love if you stopped by and made a suggestion for a book you really love. I will post it on the list and post your name. I am going to be doing a giveaway to, really several. I wrote that down on my long list of what I wanted to do with my book blog a few weeks ago. But I really would love some input and I do think the few people that have stopped by and told me privately how much they loved my book blog. Coming from anyone is very special, coming from an author just blows my mind! 


So again, stop by, suggest a book for my A-Z list and if you want, suggest a holiday book that maybe you have read. I read all genres so comment away!