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How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love
Ken Baker
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Notes from Underground
Michelle Davidson Argyle, Judy Croome, Anne R. Allen, Lavanya Krishnan, Simon C. Larter, B.A. McMillan, Cee Martinez, J.B. Chicoine, Jean Michelle Miernik, C.N. Nevets, Yvonne Osborn, Beth Overmyer, Susannah E. Pabot, Summer Ross, Rachel Becker, Lisa M. Shafer, Nevine Su
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Untouchable (Everwinter Series, #1)
Alice Janell
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Where The Dead Fear to Tread
M.R. Gott
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Ruby: A Novel
Cynthia Bond
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“A person needs a basic trust of life and humanity in order to allow all this to happen, to believe more in human goodness than he or she fears its evil. This person has to trust that most people are good people—and also trust that this isn't an axe-murderer. Trust in one's own intuition as well as humanity’s character is also a must. Most of what is wrong with Earthfolks has to do with fear.”


Doug "Ten" Rose - "Fearless Puppy on American Road"