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So Happy!! Another win.

I am very happy to win a giveaway today of  the following book:



This was one I really wanted.


I adore short stories. I always have. I read 600 plus page books but to be able to move someone in a short story, or scare them, or make them cry is a real gift.


I cannot wait to get this!!


I believe I have mentioned this before but I have 31 books that I have won from Goodreads (It is like a full time job entering a contest there! SOOO many people. Like sometimes 1,500 for one copy! And it is a three click process) Plus, if I counted right, the above is my 11th win here. I may have a horseshoe stuck someplace lol!  Oh and that does not include my Kindle which has about 25 books that were gifted to me for a review. But for someone who has not read for 14 years, and just started again this past June, and the fact that I have disabilities that prevent me from working, I feel so blessed to keep winning books so that I can read. Because I would not have the money for maybe more than a book a month. Maybe two. Receiving the amount of books that I have was  a big part of my decision to start my book blog. 


I had been doing movie, television, and topical reviews on another site and people loved them. I tried to take a break but people would just message me to ask me when my next review was coming out. But they also had a book section SERIOUSLY lacking in any new titles or even any classics! So I was told about goodreads where I settled in and made so many new friends. And then eventually I made it over here. Of course right after they took away the link to just transfer all of the goodreads info in a click. I have a lot of work to do here! So back to books, The fact that I can talk to an author and ask him questions blows my mind. And my first interview was a huge success. You can read it on my blog




I love all genres. You will see a horror book up one day, a LGBT book promotion the next, and a good old fiction book review next. So check it out. For any authors I am always looking for people to interview and if you want another place to showcase what you are doing you can email me at 




Well, I do not know how long the streak will continue. But I feel happy and blessed for what I have received. 


I cannot wait to dig into all of these and then share with you how I liked them. I do not know where, if I keep winning, that I will be able to stack them up!!