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Stars Shine After Dark - By Paula Hrbacek

This is a type of book I usually do not read, but besides always looking to expand my horizons, I saw the words "Football Player" and "Movie Star" and "love" and I took the bait.


It was not a bad story by any means. I just believe the dialogue was very simple and the story a little predictable.


The story was about a nice (Timothy) guy who meets a nice girl (Mona). He has always been a football star and plans to be a top draft pick in the NFL when he leaves college this year. She has always been in the spotlight as an actress since she was a little girl and plans to retire now and move to wherever her husband gets picked for in the NFL. They marry a little sooner than expected. As Mona Poole is talking to her agent, shortly after they are married, she gets a phone call that will change Tim and Mona'a lives forever. Her husband, Timothy Scott was found on the side of the road in a career ending car accident.


What happens from there is Mona takes over as breadwinner. Her dreams of retiring put on hold so there would be money coming in. And she is still in hear early twenties so there is no shortage of work. She is very well knows. She goes back to acting and Tim is left to do nothing for a long while. Then he finally take a job he does not like in real estate. They both grow angry but at the wrong target.


All of the chapters end with a "tabloid" heading and article that sums up what happened in the chapter but again, it is tabloid and misleading and wrong. Mona and Tim see these articles (It is a real tablet in their world) and are able to ignore them for a while. I actually love this part of the book. It was a cute and original idea. What the private life is and what the public is lead to believe.


What happens, in all reality, is that Mona and Timothy are not communicating which is key for a marriage. And they drift apart. And someone close to Mona is feeding the Tabloid lies and letting things come out of this person's mouth that are scandalous, making Mona and Tim's lives worse.


I thought the book was corny, but, thinking of my own 13 year marriage and my beliefs, both Mona and Tim, when you think it is over between them, find God. God would be the little voice in their soul. The voice of reason. The voice that guides them to the right thing to do.


But will they listen? Can the marriage be saved and can they rekindle what they once had? Can they be together again and be truly happy? Read the book and see.


note: I was able to get a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.