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Review of "Hampster S.A.M. Odd-Ventures in Space! by Dave McDonald

This is a children's book written and illustrated by Dave McDonald. The back cover states the book is for ages 7 and up. I won it in a contest, but the child in me loves to read children's books. So I really enjoyed it.

It is 101 pages long and is just about the funniest and cutest book I have read. It is about a hampster named S.A.M. (Secret Adventure Mission) who wants to be a Hampsternaut. He travels with Fescue T. Fieldmouse. They want to journey into space. They have a mission.

They go to different creatures like Miles the Inchworm for information and they practice to go up into space by conducting a series of tests. The preparations, however, seem to always backfire on Sammy (S.A.M.), while Fescue is always fine. It is really funny. Or let me say this, it was funny to me. There are things you have to pay attention to or else you will miss your chuckles! There are some groaners, but there are also some really funny ideas and goings-on! S.A.M. and Fescue also get to battle and vanquish some space monsters (but not to scary of ones).

The book gives children a lot of information about space and space travel. So they are learning and having fun. And the jokes are for children and adults.

The best part is at the end when Mr. McDonald has a "Bonus Feature" called "Meet a Real Astronaut" where he interviews Gregory H. Johnson, NASA Astronaut and Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Retired. Well Hamster S.A.M. really does the interview. But it is very educational.

If I had a child around 7, I would definitely pick up this book. Because you and your child will have fun reading it!