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I Hope

I hope you all had a good day. 


I missed all of you today.


I was so happy at 3:30 am when I did my last post here about the books I won. And happy to see those beautiful necklaces that were posted by my friend. Book necklaces how cool.


I wanted to keep going, but I knew the laptop needed a break. I also had not felt well, on the verge of a migraine all day. 


I just woke up.


Good thing my husband has enough sense to know when I am sick.


I have a migraine. 


If I read, it may get worse. I should close my eyes but when you do  not work, you blog and people read and at least you feel like you got something done.


I am having coffee. I do not drink a lot of caffeine so maybe that will help.


I see I have 12 messages. I am going to look.


I  love my little family here.


I would like, for those of you who know and believe me I pray for you, and those of you who do not know, to please go to this link and read it. It explains about how a migraine feels. I nailed it. I worked hard on it. This is from about a week or two ago. I can recall pain like it is happening right now. Any pain in my life.


Also, I am entering a short story contest. It is a great story but too long. I need 500 words max. Please, and I hate HATE to ask people for things I like to be the person doing for others (Why I became an RN!) but say a little prayer I can get the story down and let it still be scary. If not maybe I need to find another contest. Or another idea.


HUGS TO YOU ALL! HAPPY READING! Read a page or two for me :) 



(not me obviously, if you want to see me I can give you a link, anyway, oh wait I can post pics here! well this is me, rubbing my head but smiling lol!)