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Review of "The Last Overseer" by Anton Troia

(see the longer version at goodreads.com) 


MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! (I do not do spoilers but the author and I spoke and we thought maybe there were one or two things that may be considered spoilers)


This was an amazing Science Fiction/Post Apocalyptic Book!


As the book opens, Brennan and his daughter Elena are getting ready for breakfast. They are former Earth dwellers that now live on another planet and have been there for 10 years. They were lucky to be chosen to go into space, away from Earth when all of the forces of Mother Nature were unleashed and caused mass destruction and death to many on Planet Earth.


During these past 10 years, Elena has grown bored with life on another planet and her father, who was in the Government on Earth, is also a Commander on their new home planet. Neither father or daughter have been back to Earth in 10 years.


It has been arranged that no person living in space can acquire any news or reading material regarding Earth via internet or by any other means.


During breakfast, Brennan gets orders to go to Earth. He knew something horrible must be going on because he travels everywhere but never to Earth. But with his faithful friend and fellow officer, he goes because he knows it must be of terrible importance.


What he finds is a disaster.

Earth looks the same. There are red and green zones, people get rations, people have radiation sickness which they are not supposed to have because Orion Corp.(the corporation Brennan works for and the biggest money making business in the galaxy) had put a chip in every person on Earth to allow them to not to become ill by radiation sickness.


Brennan cannot believe what is going on on Earth. He has to meet with some of the Draconians (people that work for Orion Corp), and The Overseer of Earth (Jasso) to be briefed. During this time, Elana has escaped her home planet to board a vehicle heading for Earth.


And it all happens from there, and it comes at you non stop.


Why is Earth in such bad shape? What is really going on? Why has Orion Corp. let this happen? And what of The Overseer? Is The Overseer to blame for Earth's problems? What did Brennan find out in his meeting?


Soon met Charlie, who knows all of the secrets. But who is he telling them too? And does the government know?


Elena knows.


Charlie had been preparing for possible Draconian visitors just because of some things that have occurred, and the fact that he is a little paranoid. And Elena, being interested in Charlie from a distance, then following him, finding him, and at first thinking him a crazy bum, listened to all of the technology that he is working on, and how it supposedly will change Earth and she believes in him. It may not all make sense to her but he seems to know what he is doing.


So does Charlie find a way to overcome the Draconians (the rulers and enforcers of the Orion Corp, under Jasso) and the Police that are eventually sent for him? Does Elena find her father on Earth? Is Charlie's invention a weapon of mass destruction or a beginning of new and helpful technology on Earth that will help regrow, repopulate, and rebuild...or is it all a hallucination by a mentally unbalanced man?


I compare this to the movie (but loosely) "Solyent Green", way ahead of its time. I see Anton Troia of being in that same category. His ideas are not so out there that it will take thousands of years for the events described to happen, but maybe a few decades. And maybe not in exactly the same way, but close. That is how I see it.


I really enjoyed "The Last Overseer" and I cannot wait for the sequel!!