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Doctor Who Rant. RANT I SAY!

Reblogged from Liz Loves Books.Com.:


Ok I'm sorry. I'm going on a mini Dr Who rant mainly because my newsfeed EVERYWHERE today is filled with "Happy Birthday to the Dr" stuff. Firstly: Yes it used to be good. I get that. Kids LOVED it. Adults LOVED it. It became almost a tradition, Saturday evenings sat with the kids, enjoying the Dr's adventures. Old School and New - It was great family viewing. Even for those without kids. Then. THEN. Moffatt took over. So he's a GREAT writer. His episodes were always the best - Weeping Angels anyone? So great things were expected. What happened? The plots got convoluted, over complicated, COMPLETE gobbledegook to the kids..I mean really. Amy wasnt Amy for half of it because of some stupid thing going on with who the hell knows what, then we get a new assistant (yay I think) and yeah, she's kind of cool - but what WHAT? She is everyone and no-one or born over and over again or some such cabbage. It makes NO SENSE TO THE KIDS WHO'S SHOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE! So everyone stop raving about it. Its crap. Sorry.