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Review of Curve Day by L.R. Currell

The Killer from Manilla - L.R. Currell

This was a very good book.


It occurs in the future, where there are not many jobs, population overgrowth, death and disease as well as crime on the rise. and what the government has come up with is Curve Day. On this day, you are allowed to kill whoever you want with no penalties, no questions asked. Any other day you can of course kill someone but you pay a severe penalty. No one gets away with crimes like they used to. You sit no longer than 6 months, if that on death row. So the book starts off explaining this and the fact that Curve day has been working out, there has been, for example a decrease in population and less crime. If you have a beef with someone, why kill them and be punished for that crime and die? Why not wait until Curve Day. But watch you back if someone is mad at you on curve day. But this book starts at the preparations for the 10th Curve Day.


We learn first about each individual that will be affected by Curve Day later on in the book.


One Month before Curve Day a boy named Leonard and his uncles are preparing for Curve Day. They do not have a lot of money so they do what they can.

Mike Tasco is in the Military and he has to work (they get paid a handsome sum to work on Curve day) to protect the barrios. The barrio he has to protect is not bad. His son Chip is not fighting overseas this year so will be in charge of a crew protecting a different barrio.


Sebastian and his friend Bruno just want to be someplace safe with their girlfriends.

Then there is Mary the police officer and her sickly mother. Mary does not have to work Curve Day so she can stay home. Or can she?


And Mr. Wilkonson. You will just have to read about him he is too much of a character and to smart to give anything away here. He was one of my favorite characters.


And there is Carrie who's husband beats here. Will her brother be able to get his kill in, because he would like nothing better. Or will he get killed first?


Then we have Leonard Goldstein, who has created a company capitalizing on Curve Day. The past three years they have asked for tapes of the bloodiest and deadliest kills. A man or woman by the name Decimator 360 has won each year. They want this year to be brilliant and Leonard and his bodyguard Clive come up with a great idea to draw the viewers in.


The book in awesome form counts down 3 weeks until Curve day, and all the preparations each family is making, 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day, the morning of, and throughout the day. It is so suspenseful it drives you crazy. The author goes back and forth between all of the major people involved.


The best thing is finding out who Decimator 360 is. At least it was for me.

This is a quick paced, cannot put it down book. I do not give spoilers away but there are twists and turns that you will hit your head and say "WOW! I did not see that coming". There are people you will root for, and against. And the end of the book my jaw was on the ground.


Get this book ASAP for a bit of a social commentary and just a great read action packed book!