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Review of "Fifty/Fifty and other stories" by Matthew W. McFarland

This is so tough for me. 50/50 is kind of how I feel about this book. The first story grabbed me and I said WOW! This is going to be a good read! Then I got to the next story. Very obviously important to the author, but it was not interesting. Not to mention it left me scratching my head. I do not know if it was just me or not. Out of 11 short stories, I found 6 of them very, very good. The others were not bad by any means, more questionable. The author does mention at the end of the book that the stories were based a lot on experiences of his, with some facts changed around. Again, I think that is where the issue lies is that the stories mean something to him which was not somehow conveyed to us. If the author could fix that, I think we would have ourselves 11 very, very good stories!


I can tell you for sure I would read another book by this author because I know the potential is there. It is because of those 5 great stories. This author can write well and tell a story very well. And remember, the other stories were not bad by any means. So I would expect a good book again. If I were you, I would grab a copy of this book because the 50 percent that is good is worth it. And maybe you will like the other 6 stories.