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Review of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" By Charles M. Schultz

Okay we all know the story. Right?


But for those of you who do not, it is a short story and a great one. It is the story that is the classic Charlie Brown Christmas Special every year that is on television. This has spoilers galore! It is only 10 pages long.


At Christmas time, a time of happiness, Charlie Brown is sad. He thinks there is something wrong with him. So Charlie Brown goes to get Psychiatric Help (5 cents). Lucy, the Psychiatrist, tells Charlie Brown he should be involved in a project. So he decides to direct the kids Christmas play. On his way there, his dog Snoopy is decorating his doghouse garishly for Christmas.


Charlie Brown shouts "My own dog has gone commercial!! I can't stand it!!"

When Charlie Brown got to play practice, the kids showed their disappointment in their leader by playing loud music to drown him out. At that point, Charlie Brown decided they needed a Christmas tree for the play.


Linus went with Charlie Brown to pick out the tree. Charlie Brown picked out the smallest and worst tree there. Linus warned him the other kids would not like it but Charlie Brown thought it was perfect for the play.


When Charlie Brown gets back with the tree, the kids were all angry. Linus kind of did an "I told you so" and Charlie Brown believes he does not know what Christmas is about and wonders if anyone really does.


Linus goes into his famous speech about the meaning of Christmas. With the spotlight on him, Linus tells the story of an angel visiting shepherds and that a savior, the baby Jesus, had been born. And Linus continued "And suddenly, there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God and saying 'Glory to God in the highest, peace on Earth, and goodwill toward men,"


Charlie Brown was now determined to have a special Christmas and decorate his little tree. He used Snoopy's ornaments but they were too heavy and the little tree slumped. Charlie Brown exclaims "I've killed it! Everything I touch gets ruined". It was at this time the other children came outside and decided to help Charlie Brown.


Linus pulled up a drooping branch and wrapped his blanket around the base of the


tree. The kids took ornaments from Snoopy's doghouse and hung them and the tree was transformed into a beautiful little tree and the children shouted "Merry Christmas" to Charlie Brown and they all started singing Christmas carols.


One of my very favorite writers, and one of my very favorite MUST SEE specials each Christmas. And now I have the book to read. Maybe to hold onto to pass down to my own child one day. It teaches us about the true meaning of Christmas.

(The below cover is the closest to the one I purchased. I do not know why they did not have my exact cover)