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"Maureen Gets Crafty" by Jonathan Hill

Since I just became familiar with Maureen in "Maureen Goes To Venice", I did not know what to expect from a Maureen Christmas story. But I did expect it to be good, and funny - and it was both.


Ah..Maureen. She tries. As I look back on Maureen Goes To Venice which I just read and I now see things in her personality that I did not see before. I will have to read that book again as well as all of the Maureen books.


In Maureen Gets Crafty, she is aggravated that every year her friend gives her a very nice homemade Christmas card, and Maureen gives her a store brought one. Her friend makes a comment about the card being store brought, not to be hurtful, but Maureen takes it that way. So this year Maureen swears she is making her good friend a homemade Christmas card.


She goes to the craft store. And I think she spends more time when she gets home eating candy and drinking wine than actually crafting. Not to mention the other array of things that go wrong because, we are after all talking about Maureen.


And you cannot skip over the phonograph which, keeps skipping. It is about to drive Maureen crazy!


I could not help but laugh because she was trying so hard. I am a crafter and I remember some of my first projects. So if you craft, you will really enjoy this story.


So is Maureen able to make a homemade Christmas card without getting into to much trouble? And whatever card she gives her friend, what will she say this about it this year, if anything at all?


This is a must read. I was in a bit of the Christmas blahs and this cheered me right up.


Also how can I not mention the best part. A little more Christmas surprise. The Kindle edition includes the prize-winning short story, 'Maureen goes to Oz', plus two new and exclusive Maureen drabbles.


Do I have to tell you how much I loved them? That was a great bonus from the author.

Pick yourself up a copy immediately! Before Christmas is here :)