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A lot happens in 10 days

I see it has been 10 days since I have been here. I have missed you all. I was very busy with my blog which went from 30-60 views a day, then from 60-a little over 100, then a little over 100 to 300, and now it is hovering around 400 views a day or more. If I did not have to sleep, I could do better lol! So that is taking a lot of my time but it is fun.


Hubby is home for five weeks on vacation ( from the day after Thanksgiving until 1/2). But we have not done much but decorate yet. Hopefully tonight and the rest of the month we will fix that.


Then I had a flare up of my MS. It was horrible. It lasted five days. I slept one day and only got up for 4 hours, and not in a row. The next day I was so obsessed I woke up, blogged, drank water, took my pills, slept, woke up, blogged, had some yogurt, slept woke up, blogged, etc. Then the next two days I do not even remember because I only slept. 


By the fifth day I at least had energy but did not want to go crazy so I stayed in bed all day but sat up *and blogged lol!


Then there was the holiday stress. 


So I am back I hope for good. I am glad I entered my contests ahead of time. Five or multiples of five are lucky numbers for me so on December 1, or even before that,  I entered all of the book contests here up until the 15th. How weird things work out. I was not taking any chances I am done until 12/31 now entering (in case I slip back again)  but I may change my mind and go into January! 


I hope you are all doing well. 


I know you all have your own blogs and giveaways but if you want, come by I just gave away a $25.00 gift certificate and I am  so you missed that, but I am giving away your choice of an ebook by Noelle Adams from her "Home For The Holidays" collection but that excludes the new one "Holiday Heat". There are no entries as of now so you have a great chance!! I have seen you sexy cover, romance readers here.I know you want this book!  I have to admit I read two romance books in November and liked them. Maybe I have been unfair in judging romance novels. I may have one or two more in the Kindle to read. ;)


And please come back on the 20th for my Book Blitz. I will try to remember to announce it here again. Look for the Book Blitz post from today and read it to see the incredible prizes being given away (maybe a Kindle white paper? Maybe more?).




You know I support a lot of you by subscribing to and reading your blogs. If you have not heard from me. PM me and I will sure check our your blog.  There are so many with us with book blogs and plenty of books to go around. Plus we all have our own spin on things.  I always enjoy reading other people's opinions on say a book I read. I find it amazing always that two people can read the same book and one give it one star and one give it five. 


All my love to you and I hope to talk you before Christmas!!