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The Wet and the Dry by Lawrence Osborne

This is a great book I am reading right now. I won it (what else is new?). I will do a review when I am done. I do not know what the heck happened to me. i cannot figure out how to add it here to my reading list. Not to mention how to add  other books (and take out some books) from my current reading list. If someone would help me that would be awesome. I do not know why I do not see how to do it. I know I had a problem the first time I came here.. I am so used to Goodreads. And I keep calling this place goodlikes lol!


I also had something to ask. I posted in my blog today that, well let me see where to start. I had, not feeling to in the holiday mood, purchased three holiday books from Toys R Us. Yes they were little children's books. But that is okay they made me smile. 


Then yesterday I ordered a free children's book from Amazon. It was cute. 


I had read Jingle Bell Romance which I won also at the beginning of the month. It was cute. I have a book that I got for I think 99c on Amazon called "Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes". I did not get past the first few chapters. No time. I made author friends promises to read their books and I signed up (and am still getting the hang of) virtual book tours. 


So last night, although I really do not have the money, I got $35.00 worth of bigger children's Christmas books (turned out to be four) from Amazon because the shipping was free. They are supposed to be here on, guess when? December 24. But I decided that I was going to save them for next year. And next year I am only going to read Christmas themed books. 


I did a post in my blog last week about how everybody should start a Christmas tradition of reading holiday books for the month of December. If you do not have any, start next year with one or two. In a few years, you will have one for each day hopefully and favorites. 


It was funny today I do not know if anyone knows Parajunkee on here. But I follow her blog and she found the most messed up holiday books. I had to laugh. I may check one or two of them out.


If you do not know her and cannot find her, you can find the link on my blog at




By the way I know there are a lot of romance genre lovers on here. I did the book blitz for Noelle Adams Holiday Heat. If you go to my blog, you will see one of those rafflecopter forms. She is giving away one book from her collection (accept the new Holiday Heat) "Love for the Holidays" and this is a giveaway exclusive to me. I also have up a giveaway but it is tour wide for another book I just read called "Buried Appearances". I have to put the review here. In fact I just asked if the author would do an interview with me....I had questions! And she agreed and it was very good. That is on my blog too. The author's name is D.E. Haggerty. So come enter my giveaways! I had one up the other week for a $10.00 gift certificate and kept asking people. I mean, who doesn't want a gift certificate? I did not make the entry hard. And this one I made even easier. (if you are familiar with rafflecopter you know what I am talking about). So your odds are good for the Noelle Adams book it ends in two days and I have three entries. So stop on by! Who doesn't like a free book? You all know I do!


So the whole point being is I really needed some more Christmas spirit and I was looking to my books. I am reading some good ones now but they are not Christmasy. 


So does anyone have any suggestions? If so send them to me. If there are a lot just PM me and I can even give you my email address.


Also, I really thought about the money I spent and I thought, since I just started reading again this year, are the books like other holiday things like wrapping paper? Do they get ridiculously marked down after Christmas? Because if that is the case, I am going to be on that like white on rice! So if anyone buys holiday themed books after the holidays, I would just like to know if they have really good sales.


I hope everyone is well.


It has been busy here. And I have not been feeling well.


But I am trying to keep my cheer up and friends like you help.


I have been so busy as a matter of fact I have not had much time to come here or to goodreads. I miss everyone! 


Peace and Love to everyone. I am sure I will post again before Christmas but if not - Have a Very Merry Christmas (or if you celebrate something else, may your Holiday be blessed) filled with Peace and Love.


Love and Light,