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"A Jewish Christmas" by Jasmine Schwartz

This was an interesting short story. It starts out with Melissa planning her non-Christmas party which consisted of good friends, eating seafood, watching non-Christmas movies, and drinking a lot. For years her parties were well known and well attended. However this year, after loosing her job, and being charged with a felony, she really has no money to through a party but is set out to try.


On the way to doing her shopping she runs into Cheryl-Ann. They make small talk but Cheryl-Ann says after some small talk that she knows how tough things have been for Melissa and invites her to a Kabbalah ceremony.


Melissa agrees to go.


She has some change of thoughts while at the ceremony. And she was actually feeling mentally better until she ran into Barbie. That is where it started going downhill.


Barbie got her mixed up into something that she knew she should not be a part of. And then she found out a secret about Barbie.


Did Melissa get away from Barbie? Did she get to enjoy not having as much as she used to have? Did she, despite circumstances, have her seafood dinner and movies with friends? You have to read the story to find out.