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Review of "Smokin' Race Cars" by K.C. Kelley

So I know nothing about the world of racing cars. At least I know a lot about football! But seriously this was a good book to give someone that has no knowledge of the racing world a good taste of what they are missing.


It starts out by talking about Nascar, old and new, and how Nascar came to be. I had no idea it was not always as big as it was.


Next they talk about the cars. How they make the cars and the safety features.

Then they give you a pretty good taste of what a day at the races is like. I was surprised to find out there can be crowds of up to 200,000 people. They talk about how people drive their RV's there and party in the lot until the races start. Then they start talking about the races in depth starting with the bringing in of the cars and all the equipment on Thursday or Friday. (Races are usually on Sunday).


They talk about what the drivers feel inside the car for example the intense vibration and the intense heat. And that sometimes a race lasts for a few hours. So the drivers have prolonged exposure to these circumstances and they do not get to eat or use the restroom.


Next they talk about being on the track. They talk about how this is really a sport and talk about some of the strategy of race car driving. The pit crew and what they do is mentioned.


The book ends up talking about some of the all time greats and some of the new drivers on the scene such as a man from Columbia and a few women that drive regularly in the races now.


Throughout the book are pages such as "Safety First" which describes all the safety precautions and "Officials in White" which tells about what the officials jobs are. Those pages are fun to read and are chock full of information.


Honestly, with no prior knowledge, this book was easy to understand and gave me a new respect for the sport. I am not sure what age this book is meant for. I think it would be good for middle school children right up to your adults like me where it was kind of a "Racing for Dummies" type of situation.


I won this book from goodreads and I am very glad I did. I enjoyed reading it.