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"Erasing Shadows" by K.D. Rose

This was a really good book. It is about a married couple, Michael and Mira, who do some interesting things. Like traveling to another plane of existence. They have been doing it since they were young and they even have a bunch of friends they do it with.

But now that they are older and married and have children, they do not visit the placethey set up in the astral as much as they used to. And when someone goes, it is mostly Mira now that goes.


But what happens one day when Mira's son's whole body just disappears? Where did he go? He does come back but the a few days later his leg disappears. Again, what is going on?


Mira travels into the astral to get answers. But something happens there. Plus she went with her whole and physical body, which is very dangerous to do in the astral. You can bring your consciousness to another plane of existence but your whole body is a different matter completely.


As Mira has an incident that causes her to regress in the astral, which means danger for her, it is now up to Michael and the rest of the gang to go there and get Mira out before seven days is up. Seven days is the longest known time anyone has ever been known to keep their whole body in the astral without dying.


Along the way we find out very interesting things about some members of the gang. Stu for one. And definitely somebody with a lot of skeletons in her closet is Mrs. Ross, Michael's mother with whom Mira never got along with but now may have to trust her with her life.


This book was full of imagination and adventure from beginning to end. When the kindle told me I was 97% done, I fell back into that lull that you do when you are almost done with a book. But then the author threw out a twist that was completely unexpected.


I recommend this to anyone that likes adventure, some mystery, I guess you can call it a bit of paranormal also, and a really good story. A little romance too for flavor.


I was thrilled at the end to read there was going to be a sequel because the way the book ended, there is enough material for a sequel for sure!