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Review of "Beyond 100 Drabbles" by Jonathan Hill and Kath Middleton

As you know, I have read the first in this series called "100 One Hundred Word Tales" by Jonathan Hill. This time Jonathan goes beyond 100 tales and brings in Kath Middleton to write drabbles with him.


Being more familiar with the drabble now, I feel I was able to evaluate this set of stories better.


I did not like book as much as the first one and I do not know if it is because the first one was such a novelty to me. I will have to go back and read it again. I just remember being more surprised at the end of them. The drabbles had packed more of a wallop.


For me, a lot of the drabbles were great. In fact most of them were. But this time around there were ones that fell flat, ones I just did not get, and there were a lot of heart attacks.


But all in all, the book again hit that wide range of story telling that brings up all the feelings. Jonathan and Kath still had the hysterically funny drabbles, the sad drabbles, and the make your blood run cold drabbles, etc.


This time they also gave each other challenges and I loved those parts. For example, Jonathan and Kath would have the last sentence and the challenge would be to write a drabble around that one sentence. There were other challenges there too and I really enjoyed that.


I did enjoy Kath's drabbles. You can see she is not quite where Jonathan is but she held her own in this book.


There was also a nod to Maureen in there. Jonathan Hill fans will know what I am talking about. It made me giggle.


I said it before and I will say it again, drabbles are like potato chips - once you start them, you have to keep reading them or you have to start writing them. I truly hope Jonathan or Jonathan and Kath come out with another drabble book soon or I do not know what I will do! I have already been writing them in my blog since the first book. And I think about every situation and how to turn it into a drabble.


If you have not read the first book, you should. And read this one of course. You do not have to read them in order but because Jonathan is a little more skilled at it, you may want to read "100 One Hundred Word Tales" first and then come back for this.

Either way, read them. I will be surprised if you do not get hooked. I really enjoyed

this book and would tell everybody, no matter what genre you like to read it.