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Review of "Twisted Dark Volume One" by Neil Gibson

This is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. I purchased this graphic novel at New York ComicCon this year where Neil signed it ("Have a Twisted Time") and I got to talk to him at length. He is a very cool guy. 

This graphic novel is broken up into 12 short stories, some of which are stories already read in the graphic novel but are now taking place in a different time period.

I would love to review all 12 stories but instead I am going to give you a very brief synopsis of each of them to peak your interest. All of the characters in Neil's stories are strong and very twisted. 

1. Suicicde - a story about someone talking on the computer to someone else saying that they think about suicide a lot. You do not see the character and the reveal is at the end of the story which was the kicker.

2. Routine - a story about a father that loves his son very much. They pretty much have the same routine every day and it is good. It is explained in detail. The ending will totally surprise you.

3. A Lighter Note - a story about a poor man who wanted more. He signed up for a job that was horrible, but he endured. He saw an opportunity for change and took it. Wait until you see how.

4. Windopayne - a story about someone who shot to fame with an interesting invention. When he is interviewed about it, after taking a long time to get an interview with him, you get to see how is invention is going to change mankind. And maybe not in a good way. 

5. The Game a patient in a mental institution. Anything more will be a spoiler. But this character is very interesting and very smart.

6. Cocaina A man rises to heights in a powerful drug cartel, although he saw his father get killed by people in the business. As he rises in the ranks, he never tries the product. That is his rule for all the people that work for him. When he reaches the top guy and gains his trust, something happens that blows the whole thing up.

7. Blame someone gets what they deserve

8. Twisted Dark a very short story. This may be a drabble. 

9. The Pushman a story about a man who wanted to be an architect but his grades were not good enough. So the job he has now provides him a sick satisfaction.

10. Heavenly Note "A Lighter Note" months later. But the main character has a big surprise at the end. Something unimaginable. 

11. Munchausen's Little Proxy okay so the title gives some of the story away. But as you start reading it, you have no idea how far this woman will go to get some attention.

12. The Last Laugh interesting story. That is all.

I enjoyed all of these stories. Some left me with the chills and the others all had a twist at the end that I was not expecting. It made for a great read. I highly recommend it. Even if you are not into graphic novels, these short stories are good for people who like thrillers, horror, and mystery. The illustrations were very good too. I hope their is a Volume 2 soon. 

Neil Gibson was the writer and creator of all of the stories. 

The following people did the illustrations: (listed by story)

1. Atula Siriwardne
2. Caspar Wijngaard
3. Heru Prasetyo Djala
4. Jan Winjngaard
5. Ant Mercer
6. see 2 (also there was a layout artist: Olga-Mila Gots)
7. see 1
8. n/a
9. see 4
10. see 3
11. see 2
12. Dan West