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Review of "Serving Spirits" by Adam Light

This was one creepy book. But I expect nonetheless from Adam Light.


The book starts off with a terrible Hurricane that Natalie wanted to run away from. But her husband Mitch, for his own selfish reasons that we will find out later on, makes her a drink and assures her that the building was built to withstand this type of storm. After all, her father had built it and he had money. He was famous horror author Seth Dent. He had been away on a trip to Haiti learn about Voodoo from the people who really knew to help him write a book.


Natalie got plenty of letters from him, but not recently and she was worried. Mitch said her father would be fine. The last thing Seth,her father, sent was a statue with instructions in a letter to Natalie to read the incantation out loud if she was in trouble. She thought her father silly but, with the storm getting worse and Mitch holed up writing his book, Natalie decided to look through her fathers letters.


She remembered the day the statue arrived. She paid the men who hauled it in extra to open the very big box. The statue was huge and it scarred her because it was scary looking. But if her father believed it would help her, then she believed.


She said the incantation as the wind howled. Nothing happened. Not right away.


Meanwhile, Mitch who seemed like the doting husband was up to his own tricks and they were not all good. Seth never trusted Mitch but Natalie was so in love, he let his daughter have her way but made sure she was protected.


Natalie put on some music to have a sound over the storm and made herself a drink. Or two or three. But she felt very funny and then she was not sure how many drinks she had. And then she wanted Mitch. So she dressed in her sexiest lingerie and went to find him. But he was already on his way to her.


Then you would not believe what happens next.


It is scary as hell!


A definite thumbs up for all horror fans. You will absolutely love this short story.