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Review of "Wicked" by Jillian Klein Der Lowe

This book was about a being, a half-angel, half-demon, half-elf and half-goddess. I know this is two too many halves but that is how she is described. Her name is Aubreana Fáid-Nuada, but most people call her Sev or Cyn. She starts off by describing the universe and how things came to be.The Big Bang Theory and such. She also talks about her grandfather is Yahweh and her troubles with him. Aubreana is stuck on Earth because of something she did a long time ago. She aches for home on the other side.


She also aches for her husband Luc, or if you will Lucifer. Yes her husband is a fallen angel. She still thinks about him and loves him but has been instructed to kill him. But when he shows up back in her life, all her feelings come rushing back and she is not sure she can do it.


In the meantime she goes to college at least once a century for a few thousand years. It is there she meets Leon Gregario, also not a human. She picked up on his bad aura but he is so nice, she let him into her life. They even tried take it to the next level and kiss, it was a bust.


So Sev (or Cyn) was stuck on Earth and she could not remember why. This bugged her the most out of everything that was going on at the time. She had a bit and a piece of memory here and there, but as far as she knew, she had helped her grandfather and should not be condemned to be on Earth. So her time is consumed with figuring out whether or not to kill Luc, the love of her life, especially when he shows up after 13 years, or stay on Earth and they can be together. Because once if she kills Luc, things will change drastically.


This story, at the beginning, was said to be a satire. It has been described as "funny, sad, exciting and ultimately awe-inspiring". I got none of that. It was not a tough read but the the jokes were bad, and the characters were one dimensional. I was not invested in any of them, or in anything they were doing. If the author wrote "He cupped my face in his hands", plus several other phrases, one more time, I thought I would loose it. If they were only used once, or taken out altogether, that would help. The elements are there, just not in the right order and the characters, even in satire, need to be fleshed out more.


Some people may like this. It just was not my favorite book and if I had the chance, I would read something else.


This  part of a series called The Seven Deadly Sins.


So if you decide to read it and like it, there is more to come. It may be your cup of tea.