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Hi All!


First off I never thought to blog my author interviews and guest blogs here. I have a lot of them. I had to look for a certain thing in my over 3,000 blog posts so while looking through I figured if I missed a book, I would make a list of my reviews. And my interviews and guest blogs. But it occurred to me I should have been blogging my interviews here. I have had some big name people. And a lot of rising stars. 


So speaking of, I have today Dave McDonald who writes children's books. He wrote two so far about Hamster S.A.M. I had won a copy of Hamster S.A.M Odd-ventures in Space and it was so cute and really funny. So I wanted to find more about this man. It was a great interview. You can go here to see it. 




We will be doing a giveaway also. I am waiting for confirmation on how many books and signed or not. 


I think my last interview before that was Joelle Charbonneau, author of The Testing series. I had one the second book in the series Independent Study which was a great stand alone book. I know this series was pretty popular and got great reviews. 


So I hope you check out the interview. And that is it for now. I am in bed today. Do not feel well. I have books and papers and folders and notes all over the bed. What a disaster!!! I was hoping to get to somethings today but I see that is not going to happen. Health first. I had a procedure Monday for my migraines where they stick a long needle in your neck and they burn the nerve that connects to the brain to kill the pain signal. I have had it done before. It does help the migraines. The procedure is called an ablasion. And do not ever let a doctor tell you it is safe to do in his office. Yes, I did this last time, AWAKE and probably not the most sterile room.  This time knocked out in the OR!


Okay me and my stream of conscious. I won like 8 books this week here. I am so excited. A few inparticular I was really happy about. I love all genres and am happy about any book. I just need 9 more sets of eyes and more time in the day. 


And there is my stream of conscious again. This was supposed to be about DAVE! Check out the interview and I have a giveaway up for The Hardest Part by Heather London. I did the Blitz. So drop by and enter. I think I only have two or three entries so far. You have a great chance to win. And then Hamster S.A.M. will be going up. 


My blog will be very busy in February. I have a lot of book tours that come with a lot of cool giveaways. More interview, reviews, guest blogs, cover reveals, blitzes, plus my own daily things I do for each day of the week. I have fun. I have over 17,000 views an my three month blogiverary is tomorrow. So I am doing something right. I just do it for the readers and the authors. 


Okay this turned into way to long of a post! The few of you who know me well will laugh. The rest of you, I can cut it down when I need to. I just never get over here! I have to hang here more often. 


Love and Light,