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This is such a horrible time of the year for me. No, I love the cold and snow. But no  more football! That is all me and hubby do on Sundays is from the first game at 1p to the nighttime game which ends around 11p, we are watching football. 


I know what you are thinking, more reading time! Yes this is partially true. More like my husband starts thinking of silly little projects to need my help with. 


Either way, Sunday''s always have a nice feel to them. 


So HAPPY SUNDAY! everybody! 


If you feel like it, and I do not want to keep putting it up, but I do have a blog and I do a post each day called "The Quote, The Review, The List" and then M, W, Th, F, S, Sun I have a theme. Yes I know I skipped Tuesday. I cannot figure out something new and fresh. It is driving me crazy. 


I have five giveaways going on. I think it goes Adult Contemporary Romance, Children's book (signed), Short Stories (FIVE copies available!), regular Romance, and your choice of one of 11 books from an author that does romance with some erotica. So you have a few genres. I only have more book blitzes coming with more giveaways this week.


Plus I think I posted this but I am so happy, author Judy Croome was on my blog doing an interview with me. That is the short story book that she graciously provided five copies of to give away The book is called Weight of a Feather and is one of my favorite books from last year. 


So back to reading and blogging. Nothing like forgetting a tour book two weeks before it is due! No, that is plenty of time to read, good think I am halfway through my other tour book. Not to mention I am trying to read things on my own. But you can read about that on my blog also in a column I call "Sunday Quarterback" which just wraps up the week and tell s what is coming for this week.


All my best wishes and love go out to everyone.