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Review of "Mitchell Parker's Anniversary Gift" by Jane Oldaker

I am not sure if I won this, or purchased it. I wish I could remember. For the review's sake let me just say it was the shortest story on my Kindle. I needed a blog break.


The story was, again, very short. It was about a man, Mr. Parker, who was waiting at a fancy restaurant for his wife on their 40th anniversary. He was so very excited because he found the perfect gift for her. A beautiful piece of jewelry that he knew she would love. He kept patting his pocket to make sure it was there.


As he waited for his wife to meet him there, he noticed Molly Malone, the daughter of a friend of his, there with her boyfriend Paul. He mused on the fact that Paul was an improvement over the men she had been dating. He pondered on the effect parents have on their children. Her father sure loved Molly's ex-fiance who was a jerk. But he would never tell his friend.


Then Mitchell flashed back to the days him and his wife Eileen were courting. He saw a lot of similarities between his wife Eileen and Molly. He said when each smiled, their smiles lit up the room.


Mitchell sat at the table and pondered other things but mostly was amused at what was going on at Molly's table. He looked at Molly in a strictly avuncular way.


We get to listen to Mitchell's private thoughts as he waits.


He thought some more about how much he still loves his wife, just like the day they met. An everlasting love.


Then he gets up and does something so very nice for Molly and Paul and hopes they will enjoy it. He, again, was thinking about what his wife would say. She would be in favor of what he just did.


And the story ends with a twist.


At the end of the book there was an excerpt from <i>Nothing Ventured</i> by this author. It was interesting because it had Molly and Paul in it the day that they met. So I would read this book. In fact, in the beginning of this story, the author states that Mitchell had a cameo in <i>Nothing Ventured</i> but she wanted to give him his own story, and add some depth to his character.


It was a good story. I would recommend it for a light read.