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Review of "Hunter's Claim" by S.E.Smith

I won this book from a giveaway. I was very happy when it arrived with a wonderful tote perfect enough to carry a few books and with the authors book covers pictured on it. I do not like to judge a book by it's cover, but I thought this was going to be cheesy.


I started it and was immediately drawn in. It is about Jesse Simpson and her two younger sisters who live on Earth which has been invaded by aliens and all chaos has broken out. The girls parents were dead. Her mother in a car accident and her father the day the aliens came. Jesse has been playing mom for years and has been so resourceful in finding a great hiding spot and keeping her sisters safe from the Trivators (aliens). She is just trying to survive in the mass chaos that has broken out on her once peaceful planet.


One day she is coming home with food, which is scarce, to feed her and her sisters. She has been living with them in an abandon building where they have never been found for years. A perfect spot.


When she comes back with the food, a van is waiting outside where one of the Trivators is strapped to a board and the Earth men talk about how they are going to kill the alien. Jesse thinks that although she does not like the aliens and about how bad Earth is now she thinks because of them, she would not want anyone to die like the Earth men are describing. So when the men leave to get some things, she cuts the Trivator, named Hunter, free.


The Trivators are really not evil or have any ill intent. They are part of an alliance that is called upon when planets are having problems. But Jesse does not know this. Hunter was on Earth to complete a peace mission. After being set free, he vows to find the Earth female who saved him. Jesse had been bleeding so it was easy for him to pick up her scent.


He finds Jesse to thank her and sees how much trouble her and her sisters are in and how sick the little one is. Actually her sisters and her are about to be raped and beaten by a bunch of Earth men. Hunter wants to help. He feels like he owes Jesse a life debt. He steps into help and then takes Jesse and her sisters to the Trivator healer and off of planet Earth.


Jesse is a very strong female character as are her sisters. Hunter is considered a warrior but Jesse is in her own right. When she wakes up she is furious and she has found out, by the tattoo in her wrist, that she is now Hunter's Amate (wife, or mate). Well she is not having any of that.


This is a really sweet story that tells of Jesse and Hunter and their ups and downs and how they each adapt to each other.


Hunter has never been in love. Especially with a female from another species. And Jesse is just plain mad that someone butted in to her business. But can Jesse learn to love Hunter and all he has to offer her? And can Hunter get Jesse to see that she is now safe and loved and that she will no longer be alone?


The pacing of the book was great and I loved all of the characters. They all had their own quirks. Things were very simple. There did not need to be complex word building because the author did a great job of just telling a good story. The romance between Jesse and Hunter just made my heart go pitter-patter. I think it will make yours too.

There is some graphic sex scenes in here. Not for the kiddies! But it is such a sweet tale. I really loved this book and would recommend it. This is part of a series so a sequel will be coming and I cannot wait!!!!