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Review of "Peaceful Genocide" by J.A. Reynolds

This was an excellent book.

Four young men and woman, two men, two woman, with memories of everything that had every happened to them, not photographic memories but they can just recall anything that ever happened in their life at any age in an instant, are sent to a center and told by their parents and the people at the facility that they are taking part in a study to help Alzheimer's patients.

Things start off normal enough. The girl to look out for it Mitzi. She has been hurt all her life and trusts no one. Deuce is the football athletic type who believes teamwork and the health and safety of your teammates is the most important thing. Paisley is a young teen and very very enthusiastic. So much that she drives Mitzi crazy and, guess what? They room together. And finally there is Ralph who is excited to be there but he is a little quiet.

Mark and Uni run the facility. They meet with Mark every day for their training. Mitzi has tons of questions but she soon learns questions are not to be asked here. You are only to follow orders and obey. They are told what they are feeling is a simulation. Mitzi is weary of this information.

All four participants get something implanted into their heads and are put into "sleep mode" at night. Mitzi believes something foul is going on. Especially when she starts loosing her pieces memory after having all her memories even from a baby her whole life. Something she always wanted until it really started to happen. She does not trust anyone and tries to tell Deuce but he does not listen. So Mitzi has to find a way to get answers and will go through any length to get them.

You will be shocked when you find out what is actually going on at this facility and why the name of the project is "Peaceful Genocide". Enemies become friends and horrible secrets are revealed.

Soon the others start coming around to the fact that what they are put through everyday cannot possibly help anyone with Alzheimer's and the bad thing is it may be to late to do anything about it. As far as they know, they signed up for 8 weeks and there is no way out of the building they are in.

Come on a journey of messing around with people's memories and see what happens. See what Mark's ultimate motive is.

I do not do spoilers but be on the lookout for Mitzi to change drastically but still keep her spunk. And watch for Deuce to learn sometimes you have to fly solo.

I think there better be a sequel! I do not think some things were resolved. I have to look maybe it was meant to be like that. But I have a feeling there is more of this what I believe is a series.

They characters said only what they had to say and no more. So it was good because some novels just work off of word building to fill in the spaces but that was not the case here.

The action was fast paced and it was great. There was always something going on that had you turning the page for more. There may have even been a deeply hidden romance.

I would definitely recommend this book.