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I tried to clean up my bookshelf a bit. OMG! What a disaster. It is fine on goodreads but here. What a shame. If you look it is sad lol!


I have one reviewed book which, I do not know how you get it on that shelf but I JUST did the Unbound review why isn't that there along with the other reviews I have done. There are books I do not remember putting there, it is just a big mess. Time to do some spring cleaning on both sites. Also on my physical bookshelf too. Another big project. I have books in my clothes drawer! They won't fit anywhere else. If I was not a compulsive giveaway person I might have not had as much work to do.


Who am I kidding. This is fun! Like in that movie with Demi Moore (drawing a blank) where she rolled around in all that money, that is what I am going to do. Take a pic of me with all my books and notes in my bed. No room for hubby lol!