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Review of "A Day At The Office" or "The Bastard" by Jane Oldaker

This was a great short story.


It is about a woman who goes to her job that she hates. Well maybe not so much her job but her boss. Her boss who barges in without knocking when she is busy, who takes the last bit of coffee without making new coffee, who makes silly little changes to her hard work, and lets not forget the horrible bow-tie he wears everyday.


She dreams of being home with her husband, driving in their sports car on a beautiful day.


She is trying to calm down but just about when her work is done, the bastard comes in with changes to work she had done that morning. He assured her it was not her hard work but policy changes.


She was furious. It made her have to stay late....again.


She finally makes it out of the office and then gets the biggest surprise of all! And so do we.


Jane is the reason I am such a lover of short stories.