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Blog of the Month - HELP!

I have a big favor to ask all of you. Over on goodreads, I am up for Blog of the Month! I am very excited It is part of a group and they may ask you to join. You can unjoin when you are done if you want. I am up against 7 other bloggers. FIght now I am tied for the lead with 17 votes and the next highest person has 8 votes. I cannot explain how much time I put into my blog and how important it is to me. After not being able to read for 14 years and starting up again and them starting this blog I have been so happy. To win this (I get a button for my site!) it would just make everything I had been working on extra special. So without getting to much more mushy, here is the link:




I appreciate it in advance and thank you all. I know most of you will understand how much this means. 


Love and Light,