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No more contests? And I am NOT happy with my shelf

So this is gripe post or rant if you will. Why does a website always have to change. I am so used to goodreads it is hard for me to switch gears here. 


Where did the contests go? I do not see the link. Anyone know or am I missing it.


My shelf. I have read over 30 books and it only shows 11. I think it should be like goodreads that when you are done, it records it and gives you the option of writing a review.  This is backwards. You have to put the book on your shelf and then click that you read it. 


I hope everyone is well today. Taking in the old laptop for a tune up tomorrow. I will not be on for five days well two to five days is what Geek Squad said. and I am preparing for five. Luckily I just learned how to use the timing feature on my blog site! So I can do alllllll my blitzes and cover reviews while my laptop is in the hospital :)